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IAS Travel grant

Eligibility criteria for IAS Travel Grant
Applicants must be IAS student members;
Applicants can apply for a travel grant twice per the calendar year: once for an IAS meeting (IMS or ISC) and once for any other IAS-sponsored meeting;
Applicants must have an active and approved (oral or poster) presentation at the meeting.
Application Procedure
IAS student members submit their application through the IAS website before 1 May 2018. The application procedure is simple and requires submitting a short letter of motivation together with some specific details about location and travel distance, affiliation, etc.

The applications will be screened by the Office of the Treasurer of the IAS. After approval, applicants will be informed by this Office about their travel grant. The grants will be transferred to students after the conference on the condition of signing the confirmation of attendance at the IAS booth during the meeting.


SEPM students Travel Grant

SEPM has established a student presentation/travel grant program entitled SEPM Student Participation Grants. These grants provide travel funds for students that have abstracts accepted to SEPM 'approved' meetings and conferences.  ISC 2018 is one of the meetings that SEPM has reviewed and endorses the topic, program and operating organization. For more details please visit 


Outstanding Poster Awards

The IAS will give Outstanding Student Poster Awards and Outstanding Early Career Scientists Poster Awards.
Candidates for the Poster Awards must be paid up members of the IAS.
Candidates for Student Poster Awards must be a current undergraduate (e.g., B.Sc.) or postgraduate (e.g., M.Sc., Ph.D.) student.
Candidates for Early Career Scientists Poster Awards must have secured their Ph.D. within the previous 7 years of the conference (August 2018).
Candidates must be both the first author and presenter of the research.
Application Procedure
In order to be considered for the Outstanding Poster Awards, the applicants must mention their interests during the abstract submission, by checking the appropriate box.


ECS involvement in ISC2018

In order to encourage Early Career Scientists (ECSs) to be involved in the 2018 International Sedimentological Congress (ISC), the local Committee wishes to increase the number of ECS as co-session chairs. This fall, we encouraged session conveners to recruit a least one ECS as a co-chair. Many have responded favorably to this suggestion and most sessions are co-organized by ECS. However, five open sessions are actively looking for conveners and this is a great opportunity for ECSs that wish to be involved in a major International Congress.
2.7 Open session on clastic depositional environments
3.9 Open session on Paleo-environments and Paleo-climates
4.11 Open session on Sedimentary Processes
5.4 Open session on sources and sinks
6.14 Open session on applied sedimentology
If you wish to convene one of these 5 sessions at ISC2018, e-mail us at with your name and expertise.
We cannot guarantee that ECSs will become a co-convener for every session but we would like to encourage participation in order to train the next generation of scientists.


ECS Workshops

During the ISC 2018, the IAS Early Career Scientists Committee (ECSC) will be organizing two workshops for young sedimentologists: 

- How to write a Research Proposal
- How to write an article for SEDIMENTOLOGY or THE DEPOSITIONAL RECORD

These two workshops will take place during the congress, at lunchtime. Although they are both free of charge, for logistic purposes, your registration is mandatory. 
We strongly advise you to secure your place for the workshops when you register to the Congress.

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Important Dates

Call for papers starts
December 11, 2017

Registration starts
January 15, 2018

Abstract submission deadline

Paper acceptance notice
April 23, 2018

Early bird & presenting author registration deadline
May 14, 2018 

August 13-17, 2018

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